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Dr Vinyl Burns is a show business celebrity, rock'n'roll legend, showman, speaker and all around gentleman.


Sunday May 01, 2011

Hi gang... I'm shifting most of my podcast action to the very groovy short-form podcasting format available through They allow me to podcast direct to you from my iphone telephone box, wherever I am on planet earth. So, I can talk to you with snippets of good vibe info-smarts from anywhere... anywhere. So you can search itunes for VINYL BURNS AUDIO BOOS or go to and find the link just under the menu buttons. VB

Tuesday Jan 11, 2011

I hope you enjoy this casual interview with my good friend Ernesto Fuego... We got a bit confused, with the language and all, but I think we cover some interesting stuff. Hope you enjoy it. VB

Sunday Jan 09, 2011

An introductory musical interlude, to showcase the talents of Vinyl. Soon he'll be offering a selection of interviews and opinions from, at and about the New Zealand comedy and entertainment landscape. It will be good times.

Wednesday Dec 22, 2010

Just a free thinking skim through my plans for this podcast... VB

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